District 9A Delegate
Maryland House of Delegates

On the Issues

State Delegate Warren Miller is a “Common Sense” fiscal conservative who has seen firsthand that Howard County families are over-taxed. He has worked hard to propose tax breaks and smaller more fiscally responsible state budgets. He is also a vital “Check and Balance” on the Democrat monopoly in Annapolis. When you realize that Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats by a 3 to 1 ratio in the General Assembly, you begin to see how things have gone so wrong with Maryland! In just four short years the State and County unemployment rates have doubled, much of this is due to Maryland’s anti business climate.

Job Creation

Delegate Miller place a high priority on job creation. He has actively supported getting State Government out of the way of business, so that our businesses can grow and hire more employees.

Delegate Miller is one of the highest rated pro-business Delegates from the Maryland Business for Responsive Government. MBRG rates legislators’ voting record based on a number of legislative initiatives, which aim to create jobs and improve Maryland’s business climate.

Delegate Miller has been endorsed by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce for his consistent record of supporting businesses in Maryland.

Lower Taxes

Delegate Miller feels that it is outrageous that in a time when everyone is feeling the pain of a ruined economy, State Government continues to spend more each year! Warren has introduced or co-sponsored bills to reduce spending and reign in or reduce taxes. He also supports rolling back the 20% increase in Maryland’s Sales Tax.

Delegate Miller has signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge (www.atr.org) which promises you that he will not vote for any tax increase.

Cut Wasteful Spending

Maryland’s budgeting process is broken. Instead of creating budgets that match revenue, the State continuously creates spending mandates and spends money that doesn’t exist. After the realization sets in that our State Leaders can’t afford the budgets they have passed, they continuously rely on you to pay more for their wasteful ways.


Delegate Miller has placed a high priority on Howard County’s transportation needs. He has successfully advocated for much needed improvements on Maryland Route 32 south of I-70 and continue to advocate for safety improvements on Route 32 north of I-70. He also places a high priority on expanding capacity on I-70 east of Route 40 to the Baltimore County line. He successfully advocated for traffic lights in I-29 at 70 and 103 at New Cut Road.

Domestic Violence

He helped protect victims of domestic violence from further abuse by successfully passing legislation which creates an address confidentiality program.

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